August 11, 2011

Tiny Patterns

I made a interactive pattern generator in Processing. Aspects of the pattern are controlled by moving the scrubs around the outside of the circle. It should be capable of generating over 4 billion unique patterns (some nicer than others). Here are a couple screen shots of it in action:

The patterns it produces tend to be quite intricate. You might need to look up close at your screen in order to really appreciate each pattern (not recommended with CRT's). These following images are the direct output from the program (click to see there full size (which actually isn't a whole lot bigger)).

Continue reading to see many more.

Why were most of them blue you ask? Well, one reason is that that blue patterns tended to look the nicest to me so those are the ones I saved. On a more fundamental level, the procedure for generating the pattern creates a bias towards certain types of patterns being a particular color. I may add some toggles to allow this to be switched about at a later time.

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